F-Gas regulations require the operator of stationary air conditioning or refrigeration equipment that use refrigerants containing F-gases to comply with the obligations in the EC F-Gas Regulation.

ChillCo are certified by Refcom and can assist clients / operators to ensure they comply with the F-Gas regulations. The main requirements of the F-Gas regulations for all stationary systems are:

  • A general obligation to prevent leakage.
  • Enusre only qualified personnel carry out installation, servicing and maintenance or leakage checking.

The main requirements of the F-Gas regulations for all stationary systems containing more than 3 kg of refrigerants are:

  • Ensure refrigerant records are kept and updated (keeping an F-Gas register).
  • Implementation of refrigerant leak checking programmes.

F-Gas Register

Stationary air conditioning or refrigeration equipment containing more than 3 kg of refrigerants containing F-gases is to be entered onto the F-gas register and certain records for each individual refrigerant system kept. The F-Gas register is required to contain:

  • The quantity and type of F-Gas refrigerants.
  • Any quantities of refrigerant added.
  • The quantity of refrigerant recovered during servicing, maintenance and final disposal.
  • The identity of the company or personnel who performed the servicing or maintenance, as well as the dates and results of leakage checks and leakage detection system checks.

As part of our standard maintenance contract will issue and maintain the F-Gas register.

For non-contract clients, we can undertake an initial site survey and report on the F-Gas compliance. We then would issue an F-Gas register and make recommendations to ensure compliance with the F-Gas regulations.

Leak Checking

The F-Gas regulations require systems containing F-Gas refrigerants to be leak checked periodically depending on the quantity of the refrigerant charge.  To comply with the F-Gas regulations the following are the requirements for each refrigerant circuit:

  • 3 kg or more (or 6 kg if hermitically sealed) – requires leak checking once per year.
  • 30 kg or more – requires leak checking once every 6 months (also if there is a leak detection system already fitted the system only requires to be inspected once a year).
  • 300 kg or more – requires leaking checking once every 3 months (also a leak detection system must be fitted and inspected once per year).


Please contact ChillCo for more information on how your business can comply with F-Gas regulations.

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